Rendra Yanuar Darwinda

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Harry Potter’s:
Harry Potter’s: user : *********
Harry Potter’s: password : *********************
tarzxvfgz: trims
Harry Potter’s: minta user na bu atiek dan password na yang dulu…
tarzxvfgz: *************
tarzxvfgz: ******************
Harry Potter’s: yubs
Harry Potter’s: email na bu atik pya ?
tarzxvfgz: wong e lali passwd email e
Harry Potter’s: user na bu ties : user : **********  pass : **********
tarzxvfgz: bilng wonge dewe aj
Harry Potter’s: ya klo aku kesitu
tarzxvfgz: ;0
tarzxvfgz has signed out. (4/20/2009 10:02 AM)

tarzxvfgz: nduwe filezilla ra???
tarzxvfgz: aq minta dicopykan
Harry Potter’s: kemarin kayak na dah tak copykan di komputer kamu
tarzxvfgz: dikomputermu
tarzxvfgz: aq saiki nang KKPI
Harry Potter’s: ndk ada ki…
tarzxvfgz: kowe nanng di??
Harry Potter’s: kantor MM
tarzxvfgz: neng kompine ada filezilla ra??
tarzxvfgz: kompimu
Harry Potter’s: ngk ono
Harry Potter’s: di flasdisk dah kehapuss
tarzxvfgz: yo wis
tarzxvfgz: tag download dewe
Harry Potter’s: ya

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